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Figure 2

From: Global transgenerational gene expression dynamics in two newly synthesized allohexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum) lines

Figure 2

Summary of microarray-based differential gene expression between each allohexaploid line and its corresponding parental species. Diagrammatic illustration of parentage of and relationship between the two nascent allohexaploid wheat lines (Allo-AT5 and Allo-AT9) used in this study, and summary of the microarray-based genomewide difference in gene expression between each allohexaploid wheat line and its corresponding parental species, in two successive selfed generations (S4 and S5). The empirically measured mid-parent values (MPVs) for each allohexaploid line were included in all relevant comparisons. Bold text denotes the total number and fraction (%) of genes diagnosed as differentially expressed in each comparison, and the plain text indicates the number and fraction (%) of up-regulated genes of the total differentially expressed genes. For example, 10,408 genes are differentially expressed between the parental species, T. turgidum, ssp. durum cv. TTR04 and Ae. tauschii, line TQ27, of which 5,091 and 5,317 genes were up-regulated in TTR04 and TQ27, respectively. aof all the expressed genes; bof the total number of differentially expressed genes between each comparison.

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