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Figure 6

From: Global transgenerational gene expression dynamics in two newly synthesized allohexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum) lines

Figure 6

Non-additive expression in each of the two allohexaploid lines across two generations. Comparison of gene expression levels (probe hybridization intensity values of the microarray data), presented as log-ratio of normalized data, obtained for each transcript of the non-additive expressing genes, among the nascent allohexaploid line (Allo-AT5 or Allo-AT9), at two successive selfed generations (S4 and S5), their mid-parent values (MPVs) and those of their parental species (see Figure 2 for details). Genes were ordered by their normalized expression levels in MPVs (black curve), Red-TTR04 or TTH01, blue-TQ27, green--Allo-AT5 or Allo-AT9 at the S4 or S5 generation. (A) Non-additive expression genes in Allo-AT5 at S4; (B) non-additive expression genes in Allo-AT5 at S5; (C) non-additive expression genes in Allo-AT9 at S4; and (D) non-additive expression genes in Allo-AT9 at S5.

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