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Table 1 Potential interactors in the nucleosome assembly and regulation pathway.a

From: Involvement of Plasmodium falciparum protein kinase CK2 in the chromatin assembly pathway

Proteinb PlasmoDB PfCK2β1HA (3D7/tagged)c PfCK2β2HA (3D7/tagged)c
PfCK2α MAL13P1.237 1/161 1/188
PfCK2β1 PF11_0048 1/31 1/24
PfCK2β2 PF13_0232 0/37 0/33
PfNapL PFL0185c 0/3 0/3
PfNapS PFI0930c 0/4 0/2
Histone H2A PFF0860c 0/35 Xd
Histone H2A variant PFC0920w 2/25 2/6
Histone H2B PF11_0062 2/11 2/3
Histone H2B variant PF07_0054 0/4 X
Histone H3 PFF0510w 3/13 3/5
Hhistone H4 PF11_0061 2/11 X
High mobility group protein MAL8P1.72 0/2 X
Chromodomain helicase DNA-binding protein PF10_0232 0/3 0/6
Smarca-related protein PFF1185w 0/8 0/2
Structure-specific recognition protein PF14_0393 0/2 X
PfAlba1 PF08_0074 6/12 6/7
PfrAlba2 MAL13P1.233 0/2 X
PfAlba3 MAL13P1.237 2/9 2/4
PfAlba4 PF10_0063 2/6 X
  1. aProteins found in the HA-PfCK2β1 and HA-PfCK2β2 immunoprecipitates, which are part of the 'nucleosome assembly and regulation pathway' described in the MPMP website, or have been implicated in chromatin dynamics.
  2. bData are taken from Additional Tables A2 and A3, which display the entire list of recovered proteins.
  3. cFor each column, the unweighted spectrum count is given first for the immunoprecipitate obtained from 3D7 wild-type parasite, and then from the transgenic parasites expressing HA-tagged PfCK2β1or PfCK2β2.
  4. dX signifies that the protein was not found in the immunoprecipitate.