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Table 1 Habitats of C. elegans and C. briggsae in temperate regions of France

From: Population dynamics and habitat sharing of natural populations of Caenorhabditis elegans and C. briggsae

Location name and landscape type Coordinates (latit., longit.) Substrates
(proportion of Caenorhabditispositive)
Orsay orchard 48.702, 2.172 Apples, pears; rhubarb stems Cel + Cbr
Orsay pond side 48.701, 2.180 Petasites stems Cel + Cbr
Ivry-sur-Seine city garden with pond 48.809, 2.386 Petasites stems (68%, n = 28); snails, slugs Cel + Cbr
Le Blanc garden 46.629, 1.059 Compost; fruits (apples, pears, plums, tomatoes, peaches); snails Cel + Cbr
Le Blanc wood 46.639, 1.051 Arum stems, acorns, walnut skins Cel
Santeuil orchards 49.126, 1.962 Apples, grapes; slugs, snails Cel + Cbr
Santeuil wood along small stream 49.121, 1.951 Petasites, Heracleum, Symphytum, etc. stems; snails Cel + Cbr
Plougasnou-Primel garden 48.709, -3.813 Compost; fruits; snails; Arum stems Cel
Plougasnou coastal heath 48.705, -3,795 Arum, Heracleum, Pteridium stems; Tamus leaves/stem; sloe fruits Cel
  1. This table includes the locations that were repeatedly sampled over several years. Cbr, C. briggsae; Ce, C. elegans; latit., latitude; longit., longitude; n, number.