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Table 2 List of 50 largest network clusters and association with particular tissue/cells/pathway.

From: A gene expression atlas of the domestic pig

Cluster ID Number of transcripts Profile Description Class Sub-class
5 622 Macs-other immune Immune Macrophage
18 195 Alveolar macs>>other macs Immune Tissue macrophage
32 81 LPS-induced (high in other tissues) Immune Immune response (IFN)
35 67 LPS-induced mac-specific Immune Immune response (LPS)
34 73 MHC class1-related Immune MHC class I
11 293 Thymus>Blood>spleen Immune T cell
38 65 Small intestine (jej./ileum)>blood-spleen-LN Immune B cell
7 430 Blood>>macs-other immune Immune Blood
17 197 Blood>macs>spleen (immune) Immune Blood
21 139 Blood-immune organs>GI tract (immune) Immune Blood
4 1007 CNS-highest in cortex CNS Neuronal
15 213 Cerebellum>>other CNS CNS Cerebellum
6 611 CNS-high in spinal cord CNS Astrocyte
41 59 Retina CNS Retinal epithelium
8 425 Liver (hepatocyte) GI tract Liver
16 201 Tongue Esophagus>skin GI tract Stratified epithelium
19 168 Kidney cortex>medulla-liver GI tract Kidney epithelium
20 155 Small intestine>>kidney-liver GI tract SI epithelium (enterocyte)
25 121 GI tract>>gall bladder GI tract Epithelial
26 110 GI tract>>others GI tract Columnar epithelial
45 53 Pancreas GI tract Exocrine pancreas
46 51 Liver>kidney GI tract Hepatocyte
47 49 Salivary gland GI tract Salivary gland acinar cell
10 333 Skeletal muscle>heart Musculature-tendon Musculature
29 98 General-low in macs/CNS Musculature-tendon Fibroblast (ECM)
33 75 Heart>upper oesophagus Musculature-tendon Musculature
37 66 Smooth muscle (high in many) Musculature-tendon Musculature
49 46 Snout tendon>trachea Musculature-tendon Cartilage-tendon
23 128 Placenta Dermal Placental function
36 67 Skin>>tongue Dermal Dermal
22 131 Adrenal gland>>>ovary-placenta-testis Endocrine Steroid hormone biosynthesis
31 84 Thyroid gland Endocrine Thyroxine biosynthesis
3 1102 Testis-adult Reproduction Gamete production
42 59 Testis-adult Reproduction Gamete production
9 392 Fallopian tube>adult testis Reproduction Female
40 61 Ovary>Testis (juvenile) Reproduction Female
44 56 Testis>other Reproduction Cell cycle-related
14 218 Many tissues-highly variable Pathway Cell cycle
27 108 General but not even Pathway Oxidative phosphorylation
48 48 General but not even Pathway Histones
50 43 General but not even-highly expressed Pathway Ribosomal
24 124 General but not even House keeping House keeping
28 108 General but not even House keeping House keeping
43 57 General but not even House keeping House keeping
1 1309 General, relatively even House keeping House keeping (HK1)
2 1193 General, relatively even-low in macs House keeping House keeping (HK2)
12 287 General, relatively even House keeping House keeping (HK3)
30 87 General, relatively even House keeping House keeping (HK4)
39 65 General, relatively even House keeping House keeping (HK5)
13 229 Spinal cord 1 rep only (tech artefact) Tech artefact  
  1. A list of the 50 largest coexpression clusters evident in the pig gene expression atlas. Listed in the table are the 50 largest clusters of genes originating from our analysis of the pig expression atlas. Clusters are numbered according to their size (the largest being designated cluster 1) but are sorted here according to their grouping within the graph and the biology they represent. The first two columns give the cluster ID and number of transcripts present in the cluster and the following column provides a description of the average expression profile of all transcripts within the cluster. The final two columns aim to group clusters according to the class of tissues in which these genes are predominately expressed and the tissue, cell or pathway we believe they represent.