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Table 1 Transcriptome analysis of an IpsA deletion mutant

From: IpsA, a novel LacI-type regulator, is required for inositol-derived lipid formation in Corynebacteria and Mycobacteria

Locus tag Gene Annotated function Ratio
cg3323 ino1 Myo-inositol phosphate synthase 0.047
cg0044 rbsB ABC transporter/periplasmic d-ribose-binding protein 0.082
cg0045 - Probable ABC transport protein, membrane component 0.138
cg2910 - Transcriptional regulator, LacI family 0.173
cg3195 - Flavin-containing monooxygenase 0.178
cg0046 - Probable ABC transport protein, ATP-binding component 0.323
cg3210 - Cell envelope-related transcriptional regulator 0.411
cg1421 - Putative dinucleotide-binding enzyme 5.214
cg0533 menE O-succinylbenzoic acid-CoA ligase 5.467
cg0534 - Putative integral membrane protein 5.597
  1. mRNA ratios (ΔipsA/wild-type) of IpsA target genes in microarray experiments are shown. Presented are all genes where binding of IpsA could be shown in electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSAs) as well as IpsA itself, confirming the deletion.