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Figure 1

From: Quantifying the contribution of chromatin dynamics to stochastic gene expression reveals long, locus-dependent periods between transcriptional bursts

Figure 1

Experimental strategy used for assessing the role of chromatin environment on stochastic gene expression. After generation of cellular clones expressing the fluorescent reporter mCherry, stably integrated as a unique copy into the genome, the fluorescence distributions obtained by flow cytometry ('FACS') were compared with simulated distributions generated by a two-state model ('Model'). After experimental determination and exploration of transcription-translation parameters (ρ, transcription rate; γ, translation rate; ρ ̃ , mRNA degradation rate; γ ̃ , protein degradation rate and α, protein fluorescence coefficient), the best parameter sets were identified, and then used to compute the specific chromatin dynamics (k on and k off , which are, respectively, the opening and closing transition rates of the chromatin at the reporter integration site) for each clone.

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