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Table 5 Housekeeping genes are more likely to lose introns

From: Frequency of intron loss correlates with processed pseudogene abundance: a novel strategy to test the reverse transcriptase model of intron loss

  Number of genesa Housekeeping genesb P c
IL genes 39 20.5% 0.012
NIL genes 7,849 8.1%  
IL genes 18 16.7% 0.066
NIL genes 2,370 5.2%  
  1. aOnly genes having gene expression data are shown here. Thus, the number of IL genes in this table is smaller than the total number of detected IL genes. bTotal number of housekeeping genes: mice, 972; rats, 178. cFisher's exact test was used to calculate the values of P. IL: intron-lost; NIL: no-intron-lost.