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Table 1 Detection of 5mC in native versus mTet1-enhanced SMRT sequencing for the bacterial genomes

From: Enhanced 5-methylcytosine detection in single-molecule, real-time sequencing via Tet1 oxidation

Sample Methylation motif Number in genome Number detected Number detected (%) Number unassigned (%)a
E. coli native CmCWGG 24,079 455 1.9 0.4
MG1655 Tet1 CmCWGG 24,079 22,913 95.2 0.3
B. halodurans native GGmCC 15,207 660 4.3 0.6
C-125 Tet1 GGmCC 15,207 11,663 76.7 0.5
  1. a Unassigned is the percentage of genomic positions that have kinetic scores above the cutoff but are not in a methylated motif or a secondary peak.