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Table 2 Genetic diversity of each cluster.

From: Shift happens: trailing edge contraction associated with recent warming trends threatens a distinct genetic lineage in the marine macroalga Fucus vesiculosus

  H E Â280/190 ± SD Â280/190 UAN
Northern cluster 0.6281 11.9/11.2±0.11/0.26 16
Southern cluster-past 0.545 9.08/n.a±0.3/n.a 4
Southern cluster-present 0.4934 n.a./7.8 ± n.a./0 3
  1. Northern cluster include locations OV, RE, LG, VN, RL, Ml, southern cluster-past include MG, TJ, RM, RF, TV, LX while southern cluster-present is formed only by extant populations of this latter clade (MG and TJ). HE, expected heterozygosity; Â280/190, mean allelic richness normalized to the smallest sample size of the pooled clusters (N = 280/190); SD Â280/190, standard deviation of Â280/190; UAN, unique allelic number.