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Figure 5

From: Pronounced cancer resistance in a subterranean rodent, the blind mole-rat, Spalax: in vivo and in vitroevidence

Figure 5

Morphologic alterations in human breast cancer MCF7 cells triggered by co-culture with Spalax fibroblasts. MCF7 cells were co-cultured with skin fibroblasts of Spalax or mouse in the ratio of 1:15 (5 × 104 fibroblasts and 2.5 × 103 cancer cells in six-well plates) in DMEM/DMEM-F12 media (1:1) containing 5% FBS. Representative phase contrast images after 10 days of co-culture are presented (×200). Note rounding and detachment of MCF7 cells co-cultured with Spalax fibroblasts. Black arrows point to rounding cells. White arrows show shrunken “floating” cells.

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