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Figure 3

From: Models in biology: ‘accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking’

Figure 3

The somitogenesis clock. Top: A zebrafish embryo at the ten-somite stage, stained by in situ hybridization for mRNA of the Notch ligand DeltaC, taken from [47, Figure one]. Bottom left: Potential auto-regulatory mechanisms in the zebrafish, taken from [47, Figure three A,B]. In the upper mechanism, the Her1 protein dimerizes before repressing its own transcription. In the lower mechanism, Her1 and Her7 form a heterodimer, which represses transcription of both genes, which occur close to each other but are transcribed in opposite directions. Explicit transcription and translation delays are shown, which are incorporated in the corresponding models. Bottom right: Mouse embryos stained by in situ hybridization for Uncx4.1 mRNA, a homeobox gene that marks somites, taken from [52, Figure four].

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