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Table 3 Prevalence of the genomic islands among K. pneumoniae isolates

From: Comparative analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae genomes identifies a phospholipase D family protein as a novel virulence factor

Genomic island Virulence-related features Prevalence (%) Remarkable STs
GI-I Colibaction 3.5a -
GI-II cOMP 5.8 3775,65,25
GI-III Igg-like 8.1 Dispersed
Exonuclease 57.6 375,65
GI-IV Sefir-domain 1.7 -
T6SS insertion PLD1 7.0 380,35
  Sel 1 7.0 380,35
  1. aaccording to ref. [55]. Prevalence of virulence-related features encoded in GI-II, GI-III, GI-IV and T6SS insertion was based on >90% identity and >50% coverage in the length of the genes, using a database of 171 Klebsiella genomes representative of 47 different STs. STs, sequence types.