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Figure 4

From: Bistability and hysteresis of the 'Secteur' differentiation are controlled by a two-gene locus in Nectria haematococca

Figure 4

Analysis of pAN7-1 integration pattern in s 2 . (A) Southern blot analysis of total genomic DNA of s 2 digested with ClaI, which does not cut the plasmid (lane 1), and BamHI, which cuts once in pAN7-1 (lane 2), and probed with the pAN7-1 vector. Sizes are indicated in kilobases (kb). (B) Restriction map of the pAN7-1 integration point in s 2. Wild-type genomic DNA is shown as a thick line, pAN7-1 sequences are represented by the open bar, and the dotted line stands for unknown sequences. The fragment LI is inserted at the bacterial replication origin (ORI). SI is truncated and carries a part of hph and of tTrpC.

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