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Figure 7

From: Bistability and hysteresis of the 'Secteur' differentiation are controlled by a two-gene locus in Nectria haematococca

Figure 7

Schematic representation of the Ses locus of Nectria haematococca. (A) Open reading frames larger than 200 aa or showing sequence similarity to other genes are represented by gray arrows. Black arrows represent sequences in inverted repeated orientation: repeat 1 is 290 bp long; repeat 2 is 79 bp long; repeat 3 is 32 bp long; and repeat 4 is 93 bp long. Thick lines: subclones able to restore the Secteur modification in s* mutants. (B) Detailed map of the region between oligonucleotides im317 and ip2393c. Vertical bold lines: position of the indicated mutations. Insertion: integration point of pAN7-1 in s 2. Black lozenge: polyadenylation site.

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