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Table 4 Nectria haematococca strains used

From: Bistability and hysteresis of the 'Secteur' differentiation are controlled by a two-gene locus in Nectria haematococca

Strain Origina Mycelium Fertility Differentiation Source
Wild type CBS225/58 Gray FFF AS  
s*789 NG Red F As* Daboussi-Bareyre et al. 1979
s*27 UV Red F As* This study
s*4 UV Red F As* This study
s*11 UV Red F As* This study
s*18 UV Red F As* This study
s*84 sp Red F As* Parisot et al. 1981
s1 NG Gray FFF As This study
s2 IM Gray FF As This study
61 UV Gray F AS with a high frequency of Secteur Daboussi 1985
a1 Sp Gray FFF aS Daboussi-Bareyre et al. 1979
a*58 NG Red F a*S Daboussi-Bareyre et al. 1979
arg154 NG Beige, Smooth arginine-auxotroph F AS Daboussi-Bareyre 1980
lys255 NG Beige, Smooth lysine-auxotroph F AS Daboussi-Bareyre 1980
I4mod cross Gray St, white and empty perithecia AS Babai-Ahary et al. 1982
  1. aCB: Centraal Bureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn, The Netherlands. sp, spontaneous mutation; NG, UV and IM recovered after N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine, ultraviolet irradiadiation (254 nm) or insertional mutagenesis, respectively. cross: constructed by crossing. bMain phenotypic characteristics. FFF, very fertile; F, fertile; St, sterile. AS differentiates both Anneaux and Secteurs and synthesizes α and σ only in the respective modified areas. As* differentiates Anneaux but not Secteurs, though they have the σ determinant throughout the mycelium; As differentiates Anneaux but not Secteurs and never contain the σ determinant; a*S differentiates Secteurs but not Anneaux, though they have the α determinant throughout the mycelium; aS differentiate Secteurs but not the Anneaux and never contain the α determinant.