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Figure 3

From: Evaluation of developmental phenotypes produced by morpholino antisense targeting of a sea urchin Runx gene

Figure 3

Phenotype of late gastrula stage embryos injected with anti-SpRunt m2 and m5. DIC images (A-F) and cytometric analysis (G-I) of 48 hour embryos. (A) Control morpholino (mC)-injected embryo, cross section, with the oral side to the left and the gut indicated by an arrowhead. Bar = 20 μm. (B) mC-injected embryo, oral view, with the skeletal spicules indicated by an arrow (sp). (C) m2-injected embryo. (D) m5-injected embryo. (E-F) Embryos co-injected with m5 and SpRunt FL mRNA, showing the rescued development of gut (E) and spicule rudiments (F). (G) DNA histogram of mC-injected embryos. (H) DNA histogram of m5-injected embryos; note the accumulation of cells in G2/M. (I) DNA histogram of embryos co-injected with m5 and SpRunt mRNA. Note the reduced accumulation of cells in G2/M compared to the embryos injected with m5 alone.

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