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Table 1 Q-PCR analysis of gene expression in SpRunt morphant embryos

From: Evaluation of developmental phenotypes produced by morpholino antisense targeting of a sea urchin Runx gene

Function Gene 24 hpf 48 hpf
Transcription factor Runt NS NS/NS/NS
  Myb -3.9/NS/NS NS/NS/NS
  Dri (OE) -2.3/NS/-2.5 -12/-8.9/-6.9/-2.6/-7.6/-3
  Hnf6 (OE) NS/NS -2.5/NS/-3.1/-2.5
  Gsc (OE) -2.4/NS/NS -3.7/-2.3/-2.4/-4.7/-5.1
  Otxα (VPEM early) NS/NS +5.2/+4.8/+10.5/+10.2
  Otxβ1 (OE) -2.4/-1.9 NS/NS/NS/NS
  Otxβ3 (VPEM+OE) -2.4/-2.4 NS/+3.5/NS/NS/NS
Cell cycle control CyclinD NS/NS/NS -2.9/-2.7/-4.8/-2
  CyclinE NS/-2 NS/-2.6/NS/NS
  CyclinA NS NS/+3.6/+5.8/+3/+2
  CyclinB -2.4/-2.5/-2.2 -3.7/NS/NS
  Wee1 NS/NS -2.5/NS/NS/NS
  Cdk4 NS NS/NS/NS
Signal transduction PKC NS/-2/-3 -8.8/-8/-7.7/-4.9/-5.4
AE differentiation CyIIIa* -2.7/-1.9/-2 -2.4/-2.3/-3.8/-3
  Spec2a -2.1/-2.3/-2.3/-3.4 NS/NS/NS/-3.9
  ARS -3.9/-2.4 NS/NS/NS/NS
VPEM differentiation Endo16 -6.8/-3.4 -1.8/-2.4/NS/NS/NS
SM differentiation SM50 -2.4/-2.3/-2.6 -9.6/-3/-4.3/NS/NS/NS
  SM30 NS/NS -4.1/NS/NS/NS
  Msp130 -5.7/NS NS/-2.7/NS/NS
  1. *CyIIIa was identified previously by cis-regulatory analysis as a direct target of SpRunt [8]. Each number indicates fold-difference in transcript levels in SpRunt-m5-injected embryos compared to controls (triplicate average for a single experiment), measured as described in Methods. Based on the results obtained with CyIIIa, fold-differences of less than a factor of 2 (~1 cycle) were scored as not significant (NS). hpf, hours post-fertilization; AE, aboral ectoderm; OE, oral ectoderm; VPEM, vegetal plate endomesoderm (gut and secondary mesoderm); SM, skeletogenic mesoderm.