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Table 1 Properties of mitochondria and their genomes.

From: The functional organization of mitochondrial genomes in human cells

Property Value
1. total length/cell (μm) 600 ± 124a
mt DNA foci  
2. lineal density in mitochondria (foci/μm) 0.78b, 0.82c
3. foci/cell 468 ± 97d, 492 ± 102e
4. diameter (range; nm) 70f, 65 (31–132)g
5. molecules/cell 3,500h
6. molecules/focus 7.5i, 7.1j, 9.2k, 5.8l, 10m
  1. ausing stacks of images of 50 cells (one image from a stack is shown in Figure 1A). busing anti-DNA as in Figure 1A,1B; 43 cells analyzed. cusing anti-BrdU as in Figure 1C,1D; 38 cells analyzed. dfrom rows 1 and 2 (anti-DNA). efrom rows 1 and 2 (anti-BrdU). ffrom 120 clusters of gold particles like that in Figure 2A, after correcting for sectioning effects). gfrom 97 clusters of gold particles like that in Figure 2B. hfrom gel electrophoresis; value similar to that found by Jacobs et al. [14]. ifrom rows 3 (anti-DNA) and 5. jfrom rows 3 (anti-BrdU) and 5. kfrom mean intensity in Figure 1F, assuming the faintest focus contains 1 molecule. lfrom row 4 (unextracted cells), assuming DNA of 16.5 kbp is packed at 35 mg/ml (that is, the density of the bacterial nucleoid) [26] into a sphere (diameter 68 nm). mfrom replication pattern (Figure 6).