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Table 1 Summary of eIF3 subunits in various eukaryotes

From: PCI proteins eIF3e and eIF3m define distinct translation initiation factor 3 complexes

Unified Nomenclature Domain Human S. cerevisiae (Core subunits) S. pombe Csn7Bp complex S. pombe Int6p complex S. pombe eIF3b complex
eIF3a PCI p170 Tif32p p107 p107 p107
eIF3b RRM p116 Prt1p p84 p84 p84
eIF3c PCI p110 Nip1p p104 p104 p104
eIF3d - p66 - - Moe1p Moe1p
eIF3e PCI p48 - - Int6p Int6p
eIF3f MPN p47 - Csn6p Csn6p Csn6p
eIF3g RRM/Zn finger p44 Tif35p Tif35p Tif35p Tif35p
eIF3h MPN p40 - p40 - p40
eIF3i WD repeat p36 Tif34p Sum1p Sum1p Sum1p
eIF3j - p35 - - - -
eIF3k PCI p28 - - - -
eIF3l PCI p67 - - - -
eIF3m PCI GA17 (?) - Csn7Bp - Csn7Bp