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Figure 4

From: Echolocation calls and communication calls are controlled differentially in the brainstem of the bat Phyllostomus discolor

Figure 4

Sedation has no influence on electrical stimulation. Influence of sedation on vocal performances. Prior to electrical stimulation, an initial dose of 0.5 ml sedative (0.04% Rompun® in 0.9% NaCl) was injected subcutaneously. Starting 30 min later at minute 0 of the plot, a continuous dose of 6 μl/min of 0.04% Rompun® was infused subcutaneously for a total of 205 min. The elicitability of electrically triggered PAG vocalizations is shown for a time period of 205 min. Compared to electrically triggered vocalizations before the sedative was injected (data not shown), no difference can be detected. Therefore, the sedative has no influence on electrically elicited vocalizations. Probe 1 and 2 refers to two implanted electrodes.

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