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Table 2 Rescue of gastrulation in SpRunt-1 knockdown embryos by SpPKC1 mRNA. Zygotes were coinjected with SpRunt-1 MASO and varying amounts of SpPKC1 mRNA in two different experiments. At 48 h embryos were observed under a stereomicroscope and scored for successful gastrulation (fully invaginated guts, with a phenotype similar to that depicted in Figure 2F). The SpPKC1 [mRNA] refers to the concentration of the injection solution, approximately 2–5 pl of which was injected into each zygote.

From: Runx-dependent expression of PKC is critical for cell survival in the sea urchin embryo

Experiment SpPKC1 [mRNA] (ng/μl) Successful Gastrulation
1 200 2/50 (4%)
  400 13/50 (26%)
  800 36/50 (72%)
2 0 15/120 (12.5%)
  200 48/100 (48%)
  400 138/155 (89%)