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Figure 10

From: Wnt5 signaling in vertebrate pancreas development

Figure 10

Wnt5a -/- islets remain in ductal proximity and have a streaked appearance at E18.5. (A) In Wnt5a -/- embryos, most islets are associated with ducts. Both small and large β-cell aggregates are more frequently associated with pancreatic ducts in Wnt5a -/- embryos at E18.5 than in wild-type embryos. (B, C) Insulin antibody staining. (B) Round and compact islets in wild-type embryos. A normal pancreas consists of islets that are associated and separated from ducts. Arrows: pancreatic duct, asterisk: an islet separated from duct. (C) Streak-like, fragmented islets in Wnt5a -/- mutant embryos.

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