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Figure 7

From: Wnt5 signaling in vertebrate pancreas development

Figure 7

Wnt -5 and fz -2 are in the same signaling pathway. (A) Injection of either wnt-5 MO or fz-2 MO mix results in less than 10% of embryos with scattered insulin expression. Co-injection of wnt-5 and fz-2 MOs results in 50% of embryos with defects. (B) Injection of either wnt-5 mRNA or fz-2 mRNA did not cause secondary axis in Xenopus embryos, whereas co-injection with both mRNAs resulted in 40% of embryos with secondary axis. Control injections of GFP mRNA alone or together with fz-2 mRNA resulted in no embryos with secondary axis. (C-F) Xenopus embryos, tailbud stage, (C) wild-type, (D) wnt-5 and fz-2 mRNA co-injected, black arrows-point to the primary and secondary hatching glands, (E) wnt-5 mRNA injected, (F) fz-2 mRNA injected.

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