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Figure 9

From: Wnt5 signaling in vertebrate pancreas development

Figure 9

Pancreatic islet development in Wnt5a -/- mouse embryos is not delayed. (A-D) E16.5, (E-H) E17.5, (I-L) E18.5, (A, C, E, G, I, K) insulin antibody staining, (B, D, F, H, J, L) glucagon antibody staining, (A, B, E, F, I, J) pancreas tissue from wild-type siblings, (C, D, G, H, K, L) pancreas tissue from Wnt5a -/- mouse embryos. Notice that glucagon staining is round and spherical at E16.5, but positioned at the periphery of insulin cells at E17.5 and E8.5.

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