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Table 3 Neuronal promoters

From: Initiation of male sperm-transfer behavior in Caenorhabditis elegansrequires input from the ventral nerve cord

Genotype Initiate/totala Rescueb
unc-18(sy671); Ex[unc-25::unc-18::yfp] 0/83 No
unc-18(sy671); Ex[unc-17::unc-18::yfp] NDc  
unc-18(sy671); Ex[cho-1::unc-18::yfp] NDc  
unc-18(sy671); Ex[acr-2::unc-18::yfp] 27/98 Yes
unc-18(sy671); Ex[unc-4::unc-18::yfp] 2/86 No
unc-18(sy671); Ex[acr-5::unc-18::yfp] 49/66 Yes
  1. a For all genotypes tested, at least three independent lines were assayed. These results are the combined data from individual lines. See Additional file 5 for results of individual lines.
  2. b Rescue is defined as being different from unc-18(sy671) in Table 1.
  3. (p < 0.001) using ANOVA with a Tukey-Kramer multiple comparisons test (InStat3 software).
  4. c ND, not done. These lines were not assayed because the introduction of the transgene caused severe mating behavioral defects in steps prior to sperm transfer assay.