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Table 4 Group I introns in Oltmannsiellopsis cpDNA

From: The complete chloroplast DNA sequence of the green alga Oltmannsiellopsis viridis reveals a distinctive quadripartite architecture in the chloroplast genome of early diverging ulvophytes

Designation Subgroupa Size (bp) Locationb Conserved motifc Size (codons)
Ov.petB.1 IB 1322 L8 LAGLIDADG (2) 264
Ov.psbA.1 IA2 1127 L6 GIY-YIG 240
Ov.rrl.1 IB4 830 L8 LAGLIDADG (1) 167
Ov.rrl.2 IB4 1129 L9.1 LAGLIDADG (2) 250
Ov.rrl.3 IA3 767 L6 LAGLIDADG (1) 165
  1. a Introns were classified according to Michel and Westhof [44]. The subcategory of the Ov.petB.1 intron could not be identified unambiguously.
  2. b L followed by a number refers to the loop extending the base-paired region identified by the number.
  3. c The conserved motif in the predicted homing endonuclease is given, with the number of copies of the LAGLIDADG motif indicated in parentheses.