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Table 5 Group I introns at identical gene locations in Oltmannsiellopsis cpDNA, other green algal cpDNAs and land plant cpDNAs

From: The complete chloroplast DNA sequence of the green alga Oltmannsiellopsis viridis reveals a distinctive quadripartite architecture in the chloroplast genome of early diverging ulvophytes

Oltmannsiellopsisintron Homologous Intron
  Green planta/Intron numberb Accession number
Ov.psbA.1 Pseudendoclonium akinetum i5 (U) [GenBank:AY835431]
  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii i3 (C) [GenBank:NC_005353]
Ov.rrl.1 Chlamydomonas geitleri (C) [GenBank:L43353]
  Dunaliella parva i2 (C) [GenBank:L43540]
  Haematococcus lacustris i3 (C) [GenBank:L49151]
  Chlamydomonas callosa i3 (C) [GenBank:L43501]
  Chlamydomonas komma i2 (C) [GenBank:L43502]
  Chlamydomonas mexicana i1 (C) [GenBank:L49148]
  Chlamydomonas frankii i2 (C) [GenBank:L43352]
  Chlamydomonas pallidostigmatica i2 (C) [GenBank:L43503]
  Neochloris aquatica i2 (C) [GenBank:L49155]
  Chlorosarcina brevispinosa i2 (C) [GenBank:L49150]
  Pedinomonas tuberculata i1 (?) [GenBank:L43541]
  Monomastix species M722 i1 (P) [GenBank:L44124]
  Monomastix species OKE-1 i1 (P) [GenBank:L49154]
  Pterosperma cristatum (P) [GenBank:L43359]
Ov.rrl.2 Chlamydomonas monadina i3 (C) [GenBank:L49149]
  Chlamydomonas humicola (C) [GenBank:L42989]
  Dunaliella parva i4 (C) [GenBank:L43540]
  Chlamydomonas zebra (C) [GenBank:L43356]
  Chlamydomonas starrii (C) [GenBank:L43504]
  Chlamydomonas frankii i4 (C) [GenBank:L43352|
  Neochloris aquatica i3 (C) [GenBank:L49155]
  Ankistrodesmus stipitatus i2 (C) [GenBank:L42984]
  Stigeoclonium helveticum i4 (C) [GenBank:L49157]
  Trebouxia aggregata i2 (T) [GenBank:L43542]
  Trichosarcina mucosa i1 (U) [GenBank:AY008341]
  Pedinomonas tuberculata i3 (?) [GenBank:L43541]
  Monomastix species OKE-1 i3 (P) [GenBank:L49154]
Ov.rrl.3 Chlamydomonas agloeformis (C) [GenBank:L43351]
  Chlamydomonas callosa i4 (C) [GenBank:L43501]
  Chlamydomonas iyengarii (C) [GenBank:L43354]
  Chlamydomonas mexicana i2 (C) [GenBank:L49148]
  Chlamydomonas nivalis (C) [GenBank:L42990]
  Chlamydomonas peterfii (C) [GenBank:L43538]
  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (C) [GenBank:NC_005353]
  Carteria lunzensis (C) [GenBank:L42986]
  Carteria olivieri (C) [GenBank:L43500]
  Haematococcus lacustris i4 (C) [GenBank:L49151]
  Pediastrum biradiatum (C) [GenBank:L49156]
  Neochloris aquatica i4 (C) [GenBank:L49155]
  Scenedesmus obliquus (C) [GenBank:L43360]
  Pseudendoclonium akinetum (U) [GenBank:AY835431]
  Trichosarcina mucosa i2 (U) [GenBank:AY008341]
  Chlorella vulgaris (T) [GenBank:NC_001865]
  Monomastix species M722 i3 (P) [GenBank:L44124]
  Monomastix species OKE-1 i4 (P) [GenBank:L49154]
  Scherffelia dubia (P) [GenBank:L44126]
  Anthoceros punctatus (E) [GenBank:AF393576]
  Anthoceros formosae (E) [GenBank:AB086179]
  1. a The letter in parentheses indicates the specific chlorophyte/streptophyte lineage comprising the green algal/plant indicated. P, Prasinophyceae; U, Ulvophyceae; T, Trebouxiophyceae; C, Chlorophyceae; E, Embryophyta; and ?, uncertain affiliation within the Chlorophyta.
  2. b The intron number is given when more than one intron is present.