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Table 1 Newly described inteins from the second largest subunit of RNA polymerases.

From: Multiple, non-allelic, intein-coding sequences in eukaryotic RNA polymerase genes

Intein Organism Taxonomic group Allele size
Pno RPA2 Phaeosphaeria nodorum Ascomycota RPA2-a 456
Cre RPB2 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Green alga RPB2-a 431
Cst RPB2 Coelomomyces stegomyiae Chytrid RPB2-b 362
Sas RPB2 Spiromyces aspiralis Zygomycota RPB2-b 354
Bde RPB2 Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Chytrid RPB2-c 488
Ddi RPC2 Dictyostelium discoideum Amoebozoa RPC2-a 464
PrV RPO Phytophthora ramorum virus StramenopileNCLDV? RPO-a incomplete
Unnamed Unclassified Sargasso sea unknown RPO-a incomplete
EhV RPO Emiliana huxleyi virus 163 * Haptophyte NCLDV RPO-a incomplete
  1. *No intein is present at the allelic site in another Emiliana huxleyi virus isolate, Emiliana huxleyi virus 86.
  2. Intein size is expressed as amino-acid residue number. NCLDV indicates a member (or putative member) of the nucleocytoplasmic large DNA virus group.