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Figure 2

From: Nucleus accumbens corticotropin-releasing factor increases cue-triggered motivation for sucrose reward: paradoxical positive incentive effects in stress?

Figure 2

Fos plume maps of CRF (500 ng) amplification of cue-triggered increases in lever pressing. Fos plume maps of functional localization: CRF effects on cue-triggered incentive salience. Sagittal (A), horizontal (B), and coronal maps (C) show each Fos plume as colored symbol in medial shell of nucleus accumbens. Color depicts magnification effect of CRF (500 ng) microinjection at that site on peaks of lever pressing triggered by a 30 sec auditory CS+ previously associated with sucrose reward (within-subject percentage elevation of CRF versus vehicle in the same rat; 100%=vehicle). Size of central symbol depicts radius of intense Fos elevation; size of surrounding halos depict outer radius of moderate Fos elevation. For the sagittal map, bilateral accumbens sites from left and right sides of each rat brain are collapsed together into one combined sagittal map of accumbens for simplicity. Maps adapted from Paxinos and Watson [46].

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