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Table 2 Genetic interactions between corto and Scr

From: Corto and DSP1 interact and bind to a maintenance element of the Scr Hox gene: understanding the role of Enhancers of trithorax and Polycomb

Genotype Males observed T2 to T1 (%)
Antp Scx/+ 163 38.6
Antp Scx /corto 420 177 83.0
Antp Scx /corto 07128 179 94.9
Antp Scx /corto L1 173 100.0
  1. Antp Scx /TM3 females were crossed with corto 420 /TM3, corto 07128 /TM3 or corto L1 /TM3 males, or w 1118 males as controls. Reciprocal crosses were also performed. As similar results were obtained, they were pooled. The resulting male progeny was scored for transformation of T2 into T1 leg as revealed by the presence of ectopic sex comb teeth.