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Figure 3

From: Accelerated gene evolution and subfunctionalization in the pseudotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis

Figure 3

Normalized peptide to nucleotide evolutionary rates show an accelerated divergence of duplicated X. laevis peptides. The chart shows the ratio of peptide evolution (P-distance) to synonymous transversion rates (4 DTv), normalized by the human-mouse P-distance/4 DTV value of 0.242 ± 0.004, for three sets of multiple alignments corresponding to genes found in single copy in each of human, mouse, rat, and X. tropicalis, and two copies in X. laevis (sextuplets); pentuplets obtained by randomly selecting one X. laevis paralog from each sextuplet (5 A), and pentuplets in which only a single X. laevis sequence is known (5B).

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