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Table 1 uORF homology groups and associated mORF molecular function and biological role

From: Identification of novel conserved peptide uORF homology groups in Arabidopsis and rice reveals ancient eukaryotic origin of select groups and preferential association with transcription factor-encoding genes

Homology group mORF: known or probable molecular function/domain Known or inferred biological process Source
uORF conserved in Arabidopsis and rice
1 bZIP transcription factor Sucrose regulation [89]
2 bHLH transcription factor Transcriptional control [68]
3 AdoMetDC Polyamine biosynthesis: developmental regulation [1]
4 Unknown; plant-specific Unknown BLAST analysis
5 Ankyrin repeat protein Unknown Protein domain analysis*
6 Amine oxidase Unknown Protein domain analysis*
7 Putative translation initiation factor eIF5 Start codon selection Protein domain analysis*
8 Similar to Mic-1 Unknown BLAST analysis
9 Unknown, cysteine-rich Unknown (Possible novel zinc finger?) CX4–7CX10CX2HX5 tandem repeats
10 MAP kinase Signal transduction PlantsP database
11 Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase Trehalose metabolism: developmental regulation [90]
12 Unknown Systemically primed response to pathogens [91]
13 Phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase Phosphocholine biosynthesis [38]
14 HDZip class I transcription factor Transcriptional control; development [92,93]
15 bHLH transcription factor Transcriptional control; responsive to polyamine? [52,68]
16 MAP kinase Signal transduction PlantsP database [99]
17 Unknown Unknown  
18 Transcription co-activator/repressor HsfB1 Mediator of heat shock response [94,95]
19 SAUR protein Mediator of auxin response; calmodulin (CaM) binding IPR003676; [96]
uORF conserved in Arabidopsis paralogs
20 Unknown Unknown  
21 ERF/AP2 transcription factor Putative regulator of pathogen resistance [97,98]
22 Unknown Unknown  
23 MAP kinase Signal transduction PlantsP database [99]
24 Unknown Unknown  
25 Calcium response protein kinase Ca++/CaM-dependent signal transduction PlantsP database [100]
26 RING finger (C3HC4-type zinc finger) Ubiquitination; mediator of protein degradation Protein domain analysis*
  1. bZIP, basic leucine zipper; bHLH, basic helix-loop-helix; AdoMetDC, S-Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase; Mic-1, colon cancer-associated protein macrophage-inhibitory cytokine 1; MAP kinase, mitogen activated protein kinase; HDZip, homeodomain leucine zipper; ERF/AP2, ethylene response factor/apetala2.
  2. *As determined by InterProScan and NCBI conserved domains search.