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Table 2 Arabidopsis loci with conserved peptide uORFs identified from Arabidopsis-rice comparison

From: Identification of novel conserved peptide uORF homology groups in Arabidopsis and rice reveals ancient eukaryotic origin of select groups and preferential association with transcription factor-encoding genes

Homology group Locus Gene Name mORF description Gene ontology molecular function Recent duplicate
1 At2g18160.1 GBF5, AtbZIP2 Basic leucine zipper (bZIP) Transcription factor At4g34590
1 At4g34590.1 GBF6, ATB2, AtbZIP11 bZIP Transcription factor At2g18160
1 At3g62420.1a AtbZIP53 bZIP Transcription factor Not found
1 At5g49450.1 AtbZIP1 bZIP Transcription factor Not found
1 At1g75390.1 AtbZIP44 bZIP Transcription factor Not found
2 At2g27230.1 AtBHLH156 b Basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) Transcription factor Not found
2 At2g31280.1 AtBHLH155 b bHLH Transcription factor At1g06150
2 At1g06150.1   bHLH Transcription factor At2g31280
3 At3g02470.1 AdoMetDC1 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC At5g15950
3 At5g15950.1 AdoMetDC2 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC At3g02470
3 At3g25570.1 AdoMetDC3 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC Not found
4 At4g25670.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At5g52550
4 At4g25690.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At5g52550c
4 At5g52550.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At4g25670
5 At5g61230.1   Ankyrin repeat Protein binding At5g07840
5 At5g07840.1   Ankyrin repeat Protein binding At5g61230
6 At2g43020.1   Amine oxidase Oxidoreductase At3g59050
6 At3g59050.1   Amine oxidase Oxidoreductase At2g43020
7 At1g36730.1   Putative eIF-5 Translation initiation factor Not found
8 At3g12010.1a   Similar to Mic-1 Unknown Not found
9 At5g09670.1 and .2   Expressed transcript Unknown At5g64550
9 At5g64550.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At5g09670
9 At1g64140.1   Expressed transcript Unknown Not found
10 At5g45430.1 AtMPK23 d MAP kinase, PPC family 4.5.1 ATP binding, protein kinase At4g19110e
10 At4g19110.1 AtMPK22 d MAP kinase, PPC family 4.5.1 ATP binding, protein kinase At5g45430e
11 At4g12430.1   TPPase Catalytic activity At4g22590
11 At4g22590.1   TPPase Catalytic activity At4g12430
12 At1g70780.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At1g23150
12 At1g23150.1   Expressed transcript Unknown At1g70780
13 At3g18000.1 XPL1, NMT1, PEAMT1 Phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase Methyltransferase At1g48600
13 At1g48600.2 NMT2 Methyltransferase Methyltransferase At3g18000
13 At1g73600.1 NMT3 Methyltransferase Methyltransferase Not found
14 At3g01470.1 HAT5, HB-1, HD-ZIP-1, ATHB1 Homeobox DNA binding, transcription factor, transcriptional activator Not found
15 At1g29950.2 AtBHLH144 b bHLH Transcription factor Not found
15 At5g50010.1 AtBHLH145 b bHLH Transcription factor Not found
15 At5g64340.1 AtBHLH142 b, SAC51 bHLH Transcription factor At5g09460
15 At5g09460.1a AtBHLH143 b bHLH Transcription factor At5g64340
16 At3g51630.1 ZIK1, WNK5 MAP kinase, PPC family 4.1.5 Protein kinase Not found
17 At1g58120.1   Expressed transcript Unknown Not found
17 At3g53400.1   Expressed transcript Unknown Not found
17 At5g03190.1   Expressed transcript Unknown Not found
17 At5g01710.1   Expressed transcript Unknown Not found
18 At4g36990.1 AT-HSFB1, ATHSF4 Heat shock factor Transcription factor Not found
19 At5g53590.1   SAUR Auxin responsive Unknown Not found
  1. AdoMetDC, S-Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase; PPC, PlantsP protein kinase classification; TPPase, Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase.
  2. auORF found upstream of annotated mORF-containing locus (within 2 kb).
  3. bAs designated by Bailey et al [68], nomenclature agreed upon by both Heim et al [69] and Toledo-Ortiz et al [67].
  4. cAt4g25670 and At4g25690 (tandem duplicates) have the same recent retained duplicate (not reported by Blanc and Wolfe).
  5. dAs designated by the PlantsP database [99].
  6. eNot found in Blanc and Wolfe's initial analysis of ohnologs, but synteny and homology suggest they are retained recent duplicates.