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Table 3 Rice loci with conserved peptide uORFs identified from Arabidopsis-rice comparison

From: Identification of novel conserved peptide uORF homology groups in Arabidopsis and rice reveals ancient eukaryotic origin of select groups and preferential association with transcription factor-encoding genes

Homology group Locus mORF description Gene ontology molecular function
1 LOC_Os02g03960 bZIP DNA binding, transcription factor
1 LOC_Os09g13570 bZIP DNA binding, transcription factor
1 LOC_Os05g03860 bZIP DNA binding, transcription factor
1 LOC_Os03g19370 bZIP DNA binding, transcription factor
1 LOC_Os12g37410 bZIP DNA binding, transcription factor
2 LOC_Os12g06330 bHLH Transcription factor
3 LOC_Os02g39790 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC activity
3 LOC_Os04g42090 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC activity
3 LOC_Os09g25620 AdoMetDC AdoMetDC activity
4 LOC_Os02g01360 Expressed transcript Unknown
5 LOC_Os02g01240, 133165–133284* Ankyrin repeat Protein binding, Acyl CoA binding
6 LOC_Os04g53190, 31234580–31234757* Amine oxidase Amine oxidase
7 LOC_Os09g15770 IF2B and IF5 domains Translation initiation
7 LOC_Os06g48350 IF2B and IF5 domains Translation initiation
8 LOC_Os10g26140 Similar to Mic-1 Unknown
9 LOC_Os04g38520 Expressed transcript Transcription factor
9 LOC_Os02g36590, 22043438–22043536* Expressed transcript Transcription factor
9 LOC_Os01g43370 Expressed transcript Transcription factor
9 LOC_Os02g15880, 8987945–8988028* Expressed transcript Transcription factor
10 LOC_Os06g02550 Protein kinase Kinase activity
10 LOC_Os02g47220, 28767408–28767530* Protein kinase Kinase activity
11 LOC_Os02g44230 TPPase Trehalose phosphatase
11 LOC_Os10g40550 TPPase Trehalose phosphatase
12 LOC_Os02g21920 Expressed transcript Unknown
13 LOC_Os01g50030 Methyltransferase Phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase activity
13 LOC_Os05g47540 Methyltransferase Phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase activity
14 LOC_Os08g32080, 19755174–19755260* Homeobox DNA binding, transcription factor, protein binding
15 LOC_Os02g21090 bHLH Transcription factor
15 LOC_Os01g43680, 25011025–25012089* bHLH Transcription factor
15 LOC_Os03g39432, 21870203–21870427* (LOC_Os03g39432 v.4 TIGR annotation) bHLH Transcription factor
15 LOC_Os03g27390 bHLH Unknown
16 LOC_Os11g02300 Protein kinase Protein kinase
17 LOC_Os07g42830, 25650516–25650623* (LOC_Os0742834 v.4 TIGR annotation) Expressed transcript Unknown
17 LOC_Os02g52300 Expressed transcript Unknown
18 LOC_Os09g28350 (LOC_Os09g28354 v.4 TIGR annotation) Heat shock factor DNA binding, transcription factor
19 LOC_Os10g36700 (LOC_Os10g36699 v.4 TIGR annotation) Auxin responsive Unknown
  1. All locus identifiers based on version 3 TIGR pseudomolecule assembly except where noted. AdoMetDC, S-Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase; TPPase, Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase.
  2. *Locus numbers indicate mORF location, and coordinates indicate uORF location in intergenic region on the same chromosome.