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Table 2 Specimens examined. Louse taxa included in phylogenetic and cophylogenetic analyses.

From: Pair of lice lost or parasites regained: the evolutionary history of anthropoid primate lice

     Genbank Accession Numbers
Louse Species Host Species Voucher ID Collection Locality Host Identification Cox1 EF1
Pediculus humanus Pdcap9.20.05.25 USA, Florida, West Palm Beach Homo sapiens (WP007) EF152552 EF152558
Pediculus schaeffi Pdsch5.23.05 Uganda Pan troglodytes EF152553 EF152559
Pthirus pubis Ptpub1.19.06.3 UK, Scotland, Glasgow Homo sapiens (GLA 140) EF152554 EF152560
Pthirus gorillae Ptgor8.1.06.6 Uganda Gorilla gorilla (051122CAWBB001) EF152555 EF152561
Pedicinus hamadryas Qnham2.4.01.2 Captive (SW Found for Biomed. Res.) Papio hamadryas AY696007 EF152562
Pedicinus badii Qnbad7.24.06.9 Uganda Procolobus badii EF152556 EF152563
Fahrenholzia pinnata Fzpin163 USA, Nevada, Tonopah Perognathus longimembris (MLZ 2039) EF152557 EF152564
  1. Abbreviations are as follows: Moore Laboratory of Zoology (MLZ), Page Lab, University of Glasgow (GLA), Lice Solutions, West Palm (WP), and Maryland Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP).