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Figure 2

From: Contributions of chaperone and glycosyltransferase activities of O-fucosyltransferase 1 to Notch signaling

Figure 2

O -fucose is not required during Notch signaling in wing disks. Third instar wing disks stained for WG expression (red), with dorsal up and anterior to the left. (A)Wild-type. (B) Schematic drawing. WG expression is indicated in red. D-V indicates dorsal-ventral boundary. Ofut1 is expressed in both compartments whereas fng is expressed only dorsally. (C) fng mutant clones, marked by absence of GFP (green). Ectopic WG is indicated (arrow). (D) Ofut1 4R6 mutant clones, marked by presence of GFP (green, using the MARCM technique [16]). Loss of WG is indicated (arrowhead). (E), (F) Rescue experiments, with clones positively marked by GFP (green) using MARCM. OFUT1R245A was expressed in Ofut1 4R6 clones either by expressing a UAS-Ofut1 R245A [28.3] construct under tubulin-Gal4 control (E) or employing the Ofut1 R245A [23.1] genomic construct recombined onto an Ofut1 4R6 chromosome (F). Ectopic WG is indicated (arrow). OFUT1 expression was confirmed by anti-OFUT1 staining (not shown). The inset depicts a high magnification image of the boxed area with WG expression inside (yellow) and outside (red) of the clone border evident. (G) Gmd 1 clones. Large clones mutant for Gmd 1 (marked by loss of GFP), occupying nearly the entire disk, were generated using the Minute technique. WG expression appears normal in Gmd 1 cells surrounding the Gmd + cells, but further away loss of WG expression is evident (arrowhead).

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