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Table 1 Details of plant materials used in this study

From: Duplicate gene expression in allopolyploid Gossypiumreveals two temporally distinct phases of expression evolution

Species name Genome designation Accession Ploidy level Location of origin
G. arboreum A2 cv. AKA-8401 Diploid Africa
G. raimondii D5 Accession unnamed Diploid Peru
G. arboreum X G. raimondii F1 hybrid A2♀ X D5 Accession unnamed Diploid Synthetic hybrid
G. hirsutum AD1 cv. Maxxa Allotetraploid Mexico/Central America
  1. Natural allotetraploid Gossypium evolved 1 to 2 MYA from diploid A- and D-genome progenitors, most similar to the modern species G. arboreum and G. raimondii [8, 43]. The A-genome parent is the inferred cytoplasmic donor to G. hirsutum [44, 45], and thus the F1 cross was created in the same manner, with A2 as the maternal parent.