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Table 2 Wasp samples and primers used for cystatin gene amplification

From: Viral cystatin evolution and three-dimensional structure modelling: A case of directional selection acting on a viral protein involved in a host-parasitoid interaction

Wasp species Location Collections Primers Species abbreviations
C. congregata Lab reared Drezen, J.M (Fr) Cyst15/Cyst93 CcBV
C. chilonis Lab reared Wiedenmann,. R (USA) Cyst15/Cyst93 CchBV
C. flavipes Kenya Dupas, S (Fr) Cyst15/Cyst93 CfBV
C. glomerata Lab reared Vet, L (NL) Cyst15/Cyst93 CgBV
C. kariyai Japan Tanaka, T (J) Cyst15/Cyst103 CkBV
C. melanoscela France Villemant, C (Fr) Cyst15/Cyst93 CmBV
C. vestalis Benin Guilloux, T (Fr) Cyst15/Cyst93 CvBV
C. rubecula Lab reared Smid, H (NL) Cyst15/Cyst103 CrBV
C. sesamiae Kenya Dupas, S (Fr) Cyst15/Cyst103 CsBV