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Table 2 Enrichment analysis of housekeeping and three selected tissue-specific gene sets.

From: A comprehensive functional analysis of tissue specificity of human gene expression

  Housekeeping Retina Testis Adrenal Gland
Canonical pathways maps Oxidative phosphorylation Visual perception CREM signaling in testis Tyrosine metabolism (dopamine)
  Ubiquinone metabolism CREB pathway Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis Catecholamine metabolism
  Cytoskeleton remodeling TGF, WNT and cytoskeletal remodeling ATM/ATR regulation of G2/M checkpoint Estrogen biosynthesis
  Formation of Sin3A and NuRD complexes and their role in transcription regulation Regulation of CDK5 in CNS Role of APC in cell cycle regulation Cortisone biosynthesis and metabolism
  TGF, WNT and cytoskeleton remodeling Role of Nek in cell cycle regulation Rap1A regulation pathway Androstenedione and testosterone biosynthesis and metabolism
  Regulation activity of EIF4F Plasmin signaling Androgen receptor nuclear signaling Non-genomic (rapid) action of androgen receptor
  WNT signaling pathway Receptor-mediated HIF regulation Insulin regulation of fatty acid metabolism Androgen receptor nuclear signaling
  Role of tetraspanins in the integrin-mediated cell adhesion Sphingolipid metabolism Rap1B regulation pathway WNT signaling pathway
  BAD phosphorylation Retinol metabolism Nucleocytoplasmic transport of CDK/Cyclins TGF, WNT and cytoskeletal remodeling
  TCA Regulation activity of EIF2 Estrogen biosynthesis  
GeneGo processes Translation_Translation initiation Signal transduction_Visual perception Reproduction_Spermatogenesis Transport_Potassium transport
  Translation_Elongation-Termination Transmission of nerve impulse Cell cycle_Meiosis Cell adhesion cadherins
  Transcription_mRNA processing Reproduction_GnRH signaling pathways Signal transduction_CREM pathway Development neurogenesis in general
  Proteolysis_Ubiquitin-proteasomal proteolysis Development_Neurogenesis in general Reproduction_Male sex differentiation Signal transduction NOTCH signaling
  Translation_Regulation of initiation Transport_Calcium transport Signal transduction_Androgen receptor nuclear signaling Signal transduction_Androgen receptor signaling cross talk
  Protein folding_Folding in normal condition Development_Neurogenesis- synaptogenesis Cell cycle_Mitosis Signal transduction_CREM pathway
  Immune_Phagosome in antigen presentation Reproduction_Progesterone signaling Proteolysis_Ubiquitin-proteasomal proteolysis Signal transduction_Neuropeptides signaling pathway
  Protein folding_Protein folding nucleus Cell adhesion_Integrin priming Cell cycle_Core Development ossification and bone remodeling
  Protein folding_Response to unfolded protein Translation_Regulation of initiation Signal transduction_Visual perception Muscle contraction
  Protein folding_ER and cytoplasm Reproduction_Male sex differentiation Cell cycle_G2-M Cell adhesion amyloid proteins
GO processes Metabolic process Sensory perception of light stimulus Sexual reproduction Feeding behavior
  Cellular metabolic process Visual perception Reproduction Smooth muscle differentiation
  Translation Sensory perception Spermatogenesis Oocyte development
  Macromolecule metabolic process Neurological process Male gamete generation Oogenesis
  Primary metabolic process Detection of visible light Gametogenesis Male gonad development
  Macromolecule biosynthetic process Detection of light stimulus Fertilization Embryonic epithelial tube formation
  Cellular protein metabolic process Detection of abiotic stimulus Sperm motility Development of primary male sexual characteristic
  Cellular macromolecule metabolic process Phototransduction Spermatid development Germ cell development
  Protein metabolic process Detection of light stimulus during visual perception Spermatid differentiation Cell-cell signaling
  Intracellular transport Detection of light stimulus during sensory perception Development of primary sexual characteristics Dopamine biosynthetic process from tyrosine
Diseases Neoplasm by site Vision disorder Infertility Diabetes insipidus
  Breast neoplasms Eye diseases Infertility, male Hypopituitarism
  Breast disease Retinal degeneration Dyskeratosis congenita Adrenal gland disease
  Genetic disease, inborn Sensation disorders Dysautonomia, familial Adrenal cortex disease
  Digestive systems neoplasm Night blindness Ciliary motility disorders Adrenal cortex neoplasm
  Poxviridae infections Retinitis pigmentosa Kartagener Syndrome Adrenal gland neoplasm
  Lysosomal storage disease Eye diseases, hereditary Dextrocardia Carcinoma, basal cell
  Mental retardation Retinal diseases Herpes zoster Neoplasm, basal cell
  Aneuploidy Blindness Bronchiectasis Myokymia
  Vaccinia Retinitis Autonomic nervous system diseases Pathologic processes
  1. Gene set enrichment with canonical maps, GeneGo processes, gene ontology processes and diseases was performed.