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Table 2 Model comparisons for analyses relaxing the assumption of autocorrelation of rates across the tree. Harmonic mean model likelihoods were calculated from post-burnin MCMC samples generated in BEAST. For these model comparisons, the topology was fixed as T Consensus. The strict clock model serves as a base comparison. The tree T Flexible refers to analyses where topology is not fixed. Covariance indicates the degree of substitution rate autocorrelation between ancestor and descendent branches. 95% HPDs are given in parentheses.

From: Strong mitochondrial DNA support for a Cretaceous origin of modern avian lineages

Model Model likelihood Covariance
T Consensus   
   CLOCK -212231 N/A
   UCED -210459 0.039 (-0.103, 0.175)
   UCLN -207226 0.066 (-0.061, 0.193)
T Flexible   
   UCLN -206812 0.042 (-0.071, 0.161)