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Figure 5

From: Specific retention of the protostome-specific PsGEF may parallel with the evolution of mushroom bodies in insect and lophotrochozoan brains

Figure 5

Generation of DmPsGEF deletion mutants and DmPsGEF mRNA expression analysis in the mutants. (A) NP5114 is located at 5' upstream of exon 1 of DmPsGEF, and translation is initiated at exon 2 (arrow). Exons 1 to 3 are indicated by solid pentagons. Two DmPsGEF deletion mutants (dmPsGEF Δ55and dmPsGEF Δ21) were generated by imprecise excision of NP5114, and the deleted genomic region in each mutant is also shown. The scale bar indicates 1 kb. (B) The expression of short and long DmPsGEF mRNAs as well as CG14047 mRNA in NP5114, dmPsGEF Δ21, and dmPsGEF Δ55embryos was examined by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Both short and long DmPsGEF mRNAs are present in the parent NP5114 but not in dmPsGEF Δ21and dmPsGEF Δ55embryos, while CG14047 mRNA is present in all genotypes of embryos. The numbers at left side of the panels indicate the sizes of bands (in kb) in molecular weight markers (MW).

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