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Table 1 Summary of candidate Aplysia chemoreceptor genes selected by genome mining

From: Candidate chemoreceptor subfamilies differentially expressed in the chemosensory organs of the mollusc Aplysia

Subfamily Number of intact genes Size range (aa's) Predicted TM domains Intron number Sites of expression**
a 10* 355–368 7 1 rhino, ot, ovo
a 38 319–364 7 0 rhino, ot
c 24 324–433 7 0 ot
  1. * Not including those considered partial-length (non seven transmembrane domain).
  2. ** Based on degenerate reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction strategy outlined in this study (Methods)
  3. rhino, rhinophore; ot, oral tentacle; ovo, ovotestis.