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Table 1 Genes sampled for Holometabola and out-groups.

From: Single-copy nuclear genes resolve the phylogeny of the holometabolous insects

Genes Number of base pairs
AATS alanyl-tRNA synthetase 915
CAD carbamoylphosphate synthase domain 2057
PGD 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase 802
SNF sans fille 560
TPI triosephosphate isomerase 498
RNA Pol II RNA polymerase II 215 Kda subunit 899
Order Genus species Genbank number
Dictyoptera Blatella germanica GQ265573, GQ265596
GQ265621, GQ265633
GQ265647, GQ265663
Thysanoptera Frankliniella fusca GQ265566, GQ265588
GQ265614, ---------------
GQ265641, GQ265657
Hymenoptera Ametastegia equiseti GQ265565, GQ265586*
GQ265587*, GQ265613
GQ265628, GQ265640
Hymenoptera Muscidifurax raptorellus GQ265578, GQ265604*
GQ265605*, GQ265606*
GQ265624, GQ265634
GQ265650, GQ265668
Hymenoptera Apis mellifera XM_395392, XM_393888,
XM_625087, XM_393440,
XR_014889, XM_623278
Coleoptera Tribolium castaneum XM_970534, EU677538,
XM_966958, XM_963178,
XM_970400, XM_968377
Coleoptera Strangalia bicolor GQ265574, GQ265599
---------------, GQ265664
Neuroptera Austronevrorthus brunneipennis GQ265575, GQ265600
GQ265649, GQ265665
Neuroptera Kempynus sp. GQ265567, GQ265589
GQ265615, ---------------
Neuroptera Platystoechotes sp. GQ265568, GQ265590
GQ265616, GQ265629
GQ265642, GQ265658
Raphidioptera Mongoloraphidia martynovae ---------------, GQ265597
GQ265622, ---------------
Megaloptera Nigronia sp. ---------------, GQ265598
GQ265623, ---------------
GQ265648, ---------------
Trichoptera Hydropsyche phalerata GQ265569, GQ265591
GQ265617, GQ265630
GQ265643, GQ265659
Lepidoptera Heliothis virescens GQ265570, GQ265592
GQ265618, ---------------
GQ265644, GQ265660
Lepidoptera Bombyx mori M55993, EU032656,
NM_001126258, ---------------
Diptera Anopheles gambiae XM_318757, XM_310823,
XM_313091, XM_320869,
XM_321467, XM_313929
Diptera Tipula abdominalis GQ265563, GQ265584
GQ265611, GQ265626
---------------, ---------------
Diptera Musca domestica GQ265564, GQ265585
GQ265612, GQ265627
GQ265639, ---------------
Diptera Drosophila melanogaster NM_205934, X04813,
M80598, NM_078490,
NM_176587, NM_078569
Strepsiptera Halictophagidae sp. GQ265562, GQ265583
GQ265610, ---------------
GQ265638, GQ265655
Strepsiptera Mengenilla sp. ---------------, GQ265580
---------------, ---------------
---------------, GQ265651
Mecoptera Nannochorista sp. GQ265571, GQ265593*
GQ265594*, GQ265619
GQ265631, GQ265645
Mecoptera Panorpa sp. GQ265572, GQ265595
GQ265620, GQ265632
GQ265646, GQ265662
Mecoptera Boreus brumalis GQ265576, GQ265601
---------------, ---------------
---------------, GQ265666
Mecoptera Australobittacus sp. GQ265577, GQ265602*,
GQ265603*, ---------------
---------------, GQ265667
Mecoptera Microchorista philpotti GQ265560, ---------------
GQ265608, ---------------
GQ265635, GQ265652
Mecoptera Boreus sp. ---------------, GQ265582
GQ265637, GQ265654
Siphonaptera Neotyphloceras sp. GQ265579, GQ265607
---------------, ---------------
---------------, GQ265669
Siphonaptera Ctenocephalides felis GQ265561, GQ265581
GQ265609, GQ265625
GQ265636, GQ265653
  1. Gene fragments that were unobtainable for this analysis are indicated by a horizontal line. Asterisks denote portions of CAD amplified in separate non-overlapping fragments.