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Figure 2

From: A Dictyostelium chalone uses G proteins to regulate proliferation

Figure 2

Cells lacking Gα8, Gα9 or Gβ proliferate faster than wild-type cells. (A) Cells were diluted to 2 × 105cells/ml in HL5 and the cell density was measured daily. The graph shows means ± s.e.m. from three independent experiments. The differences between the maximum cell density attained by wild-type cells and aprA -, cfaD -, gα8 -, gα9 -, and - mutants are significant with P < 0.05, whereas the difference between the wild-type maximum density and the gα2 -, gα5 -, and gα7 - maximum densities are not significant (one-way ANOVA, Dunnett's test). (B) The data from the first five days was plotted using a log scale for the density. The absence of error bars indicates that the error was smaller than the plot symbol.

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