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Figure 5

From: A Dictyostelium chalone uses G proteins to regulate proliferation

Figure 5

The effect of GTPγS on recombinant AprA binding to membranes. Membranes from the indicated strains were incubated with recombinant AprA (rAprA) in the presence or absence of GTPγS. rAprA bound to the membranes was measured as in Figure 4. The presence of GTPγS significantly decreased the binding of rAprA to WT, gα2 - and gα9 - membranes in comparison with the buffer control (*, P < 0.05), while the presence of GTPγS had no significant effect (ns) on the binding of rAprA to gα8 - and - membranes (paired t-tests). Values are mean ± s.e.m. (n = 3).

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