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Table 5 Spore viability

From: A Dictyostelium chalone uses G proteins to regulate proliferation

Cell type Percent of cells forming visible spores Percent of cells forming detergent-resistant spores
Wild-type 89 ± 8 31 ± 6
gα8 - 75 ± 8 14 ± 5 *
  1. Cells were counted and then starved on filter pads to generate fruiting bodies. After three days, spores were harvested and counted. Spores were then treated with detergent to kill other cells (stalk cells are already dead), washed, and then diluted and plated with bacteria on agar plates. The number of colonies that appeared was then counted to determine the number of viable detergent-resistant spores. All values are mean ± SEM, n = 3. A * after a value indicates that the value was significantly different from the wild-type value with p < 0.05 (t test).