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Figure 8

From: Two mycoheterotrophic orchids from Thailand tropical dipterocarpacean forests associate with a broad diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi

Figure 8

Isotopic signature of the three mycoheterotrophs studied and other green orchids. Carbon versus nitrogen stable isotope values (‰) of green plants, mycoheterotrophic plants (names bold) and fungi (names underlined) at (a) Doi Suthep #2 (including A. montana and various ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi), (b) Doi Suthep #3 (including A. caudata and various saprobic fungi), (c) Doi Pee Pan Nam (including C. exigua, two ECM fungi and a saprobic Marasmius). Letters in brackets denote significant differences between species for both δ13C (first letter) and δ15N (second letter), according to pairwise Mann-Whitney tests (P < 0.01 at least); bars indicate standard deviations.

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