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Table 1 List of analyzed genomes.

From: Recombination and insertion events involving the botulinum neurotoxin complex genes in Clostridium botulinum types A, B, E and F and Clostridium butyricumtype E strains

Species Subtype1 Strain Group Locus tag ID2 Genbank accession3 Toxin complex BoNT location5
C. botulinum A1 ATCC 3502 I CBO AM412317/AM412318 HA-A1 chr/oppA
C. botulinum A1 ATCC 19397 I CLB CP000726 HA-A1 chr/oppA
C. botulinum A1 Hall I CLC CP000727 HA-A1 chr/opp
C. botulinum A1(B) NCTC 2916 I CBN ABDO02000001-49 orfX-A1, HA-(B) chr/arsC, chr/oppA
C. botulinum A2 Kyoto-F I CLM CP001581 orfX-A2 chr/arsC
C. botulinum A3 Loch Maree I CLK CP000962/CP000963 orfX-A3 plasmid
C. botulinum Ba4 Strain 657 I CLJ CP001083/CP001081/CP001082 orfX-A4, HA-bvB plasmid
C. botulinum B1 Okra I CLD CP000939/CP000940 HA-B1 plasmid
C. botulinum Bf ----- I CBB ABDP01000001-70 HA-bvB, orfX-F plasmid
C. botulinum prot F Langeland I CLI CP000728/CP000729 orfX-F chr/arsC
C. botulinum npB Eklund 17B II CLL CP001056/CP001057 HA-npB plasmid6
C. botulinum E1 Beluga II CLO ACSC01000001-16 orfX-E1 chr/rarA
C. botulinum E3 Alaska E43 II CLH CP001078 orfX-E3 chr/rarA
C. butyricum E4 BL 5262 II CLP ACOM01000001-13 orfX-E4 chr/rarA
C. tetani tetanus E88 - CTC NC 004557/NC 004565 p21-NT Plasmid
C. sporogenes N/A ATCC 15579 I CLOSPO ABKW02000001-4 N/A N/A
  1. 1Subtype designations as listed in Hill et al, 2007
  2. 2Locus tag ID designations listed in GenBank and Hill et al, 2007
  3. 3Accessions listed as chromosome/plasmid
  4. 4orfX = orfX1, orfX2, orfX3; HA = HA17, HA33, HA70 accessory proteins
  5. 5Location: chr = chromosome, oppA = oppA/brnQ operon, arsC = arsC operon, rarA = rarA operon; plasmid = plasmid
  6. 6Plasmid does not share homology with Group I plasmids