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Table 4 Evaluation of F3 single-pair matings

From: Large-scale insertional mutagenesis of a coleopteran stored grain pest, the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum, identifies embryonic lethal mutations and enhancer traps

Offspring of a single-pair mating Interpretation/Result
No offspring, but parents alive at the time of evaluation Indicates sterility of one or both parents
No offspring, but one or both parents dead at the time of evaluation uninformative single-pair mating*
At least one EGFP-negative progeny This indicates heterozygosity of both parents.
All progeny EGFP positive, at least 20 beetles present This indicates homozygosity of one or both parents
All progeny EGFP positive, but less than 20 beetles present uninformative single-pair mating*
  1. *These single-pair matings were omitted from the overall evaluation (see Methods)